CMCA/KEA Dump Points


More than 330 public dump points have been installed throughout Australia under the CMCA / KEA Campers Dump Point Subsidy program (click HERE for information on dump point etiquette).

Initiated in 2006 and supported by the Queensland, New South Wales and South Australian governments, the program is one of the major achievements in recent years for the RV industry. The provision of easily-accessible dump points encourages more self-contained tourism throughout Australia, benefiting both regional and rural centres, and the environment. Towns that install dump points benefit from the increased visitation to their communities by RV tourists, while the environment also benefits from responsible waste water disposal. 

CMCA / KEA Dump Point List
To view a full listing of these dump points in Australia, please click HERE. For the address and further information regarding each dump point, please check-out GeoWiki.


How Does It Work?
Under the program, CMCA/KEA Campers provide selected councils with a Gough Plastics ‘Dump Ezy’ Dump Point for installation at a suitable public site, such as a community facility or rest area. The subsidised dump point must be provided free of charge as a public facility and be available for use, at the minimum, during normal daylight hours. Subsidised dump points will display a small stainless steel plaque (supplied by CMCA) acknowledging the contribution of CMCA and KEA Campers.

Dump points need to be installed as low to the ground as possible to allow discharge from a vehicle by gravity. Motorhome waste tanks discharge from underneath the tank, which is normally located midway between the front and rear axles. They also need to be placed in a position that allows access to large vehicles up to 19.5 metres in length. These vehicles may include a motorhome or bus up to 12 metres in length, and this vehicle may be towing a car or trailer.

To make an application for the CMCA / KEA Campers Dump Point Subsidy program, please contact CMCA National Headquarters for a request form.

The CMCA can also supply two 600 x 690mm steel signs, which may be displayed on roadways leading into the dump point. These signs display the official dump point logo. There is also one 300 x 500mm sign available that can be supplied, which may be affixed at the dump point site. The total cost for all three signs, including freight is $313.00.

Want to know more?
Contact National Headquarters P: 02 4978 8788 F: 02 4978 8799 E:

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