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We are nearing our third year of membership and we are so grateful to CMCA for the opportunities provided!  We thoroughly enjoy reading the monthly copy of the Wanderer and following the adventures and experiences of fellow members through printed articles and letters.   I especially enjoyed the recent article of successful 2WD travelling in Western Australia especially as we are planning a  trip there next year.

- V85833


On 23rd November last year my local area experienced a huge hail storm with hail stones larger than any local resident could remember. This email is to express my appreciation of how hassle-free and professional I found lodging my first claim with Ken Tame after being a member for well over a decade. Being a resident of a small regional town it was necessary for my motorhome to be repaired both by a local panel shop for the vehicle, and a professional motorhome specialist in Brisbane.

The friendly professional acceptance of the claim by the staff at Ken Tame was greatly appreciated and followed by excellent service by both the local panel shop repairers in Stanthorpe and the motorhome specialist in Brisbane.

- Q29020


People who see and use dump point facilities just don't appreciate the good work done by our club to benefit members and non members alike. I have been grateful for them at many locations all around Australia. Thank you.

- S73378



GeoWiki is fab - not only for dump points but getting through cities and finding your way around in general. Love the offline version!

- Q86415

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